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Turkey 2 lig football league predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

Turkey 2.lig

Sancaktepe FK v Hacettepe

Result prediction Hacettepe to win
Over/Under predictionunder 2.5 goals
HT / FT predictionHacettepe / Hacettepe to win
Team to Score predictionHacettepe
Anytime Goalscorer predictionn/a

Ergene Velimeşespor v Gümüşhanespor

Result prediction Ergene Velimeşespor to win
Over/Under predictionover 2.5 goals
HT / FT predictionGümüşhanespor / Ergene Velimeşespor to win
Team to Score predictionboth teams
Anytime Goalscorer predictionErgun Cengiz(Ergene Velimeşespor)
Attila Yıldırım(Ergene Velimeşespor)

Kocaelispor v Afjet Afyonspor

Result prediction draw
Over/Under predictionunder 2.5 goals
HT / FT predictionKocaelispor / draw
Team to Score predictionboth teams
Anytime Goalscorer predictionBurak Süleyman(Kocaelispor)

Türkiye İkinci Futbol Ligi - İkinci Lig

TFF Second League (TFF 2nd Lig) or TFF 2nd Lig (in Turkish) is the third tier in the Turkish football league system. It was founded in the 2001/02 season with the name of the Turkish second division category B as a continuation of the then second division. In the season 2005/06, the name of the league in Lig B was changed. Since the 2007/08 season, the current name of the league is used together with the sponsor name.

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The Turkish Second Football League (in Turkish: Türkiye İkinci Futbol Ligi or short İkinci Lig or 2. Lig) is a defunct football league in Turkey. It was the second division in Turkey football since its founding in the years 1963 to 1964, until the formation of the new league system in the years 2001 to 2002. The second football league was divided into two categories in the 2001-02 season: category A and category B. Since 2007/08, Category A has continued as a TFF First League and Category B as a TFF Second League.

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