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Argentina Primera A football predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

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Argentina federal A tournament

Argentina football leagues structure

The Torneo Federal A (in addition to the Primera B Metropolitana one of the two leagues that form the regionalized third tier of the Argentine football league system. The competition was launched in 2014 as a successor to Torneo Argentino A due to a change in the structure of the league system.

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Federal A is organized by Consejo Federal, a division of the Argentine Football Federation. A-state clubs have indirect membership in AFA unlike clubs in Primera B that have direct membership. All indirect membership teams are from outside the city of Buenos Aires (in regional leagues) and their metropolitan area (Greater Buenos Aires), while most of the direct members are from the aforementioned region.

The teams were divided into two zones of fifteen teams (a total of 30 teams) in each zone, and it was played in a round-robin tournament in which each team played twice against any other team. The teams from each zone, which were placed in the squares 1 to 6, qualified for the championship round.

The teams that qualified from the first stage were split into the same two zones, each with six teams, also known as the hexagonal finals. Participation in a round robin tournament in which each team has played once against each other team. The winner of each zone was declared champion and automatically promoted to Primera B Nacional.

After the first stage, the two lowest teams in each zone descended into the Bundesliga of Torneo, so that a total of four teams descended.

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