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Argentina Primera Nacional football predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

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Argentina Football predictions, and betting on football

Primera B Nacional (usually called simply Nacional B, in English "National B Division" and Primera Nacional since the 2019-20 season) is the second division of the Argentine football league system. The competition consists of 32 teams divided into two zones.

It is played by teams from all over the country. Buenos Aires clubs and some from the Santa Fe Province will be promoted or relegated from the Primera B Metropolitana ("Metropolitan B Division"), while for teams from the other provinces, the Torneo Federal A ("Federal A Tournament") will be promoted. ) is the next level down. In Argentinian football, Nacional B is the second highest league, and from there the three best teams are automatically promoted to Primera División.

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Primera B Nacional games are often televised by TyC Sports to Argentina and abroad.

For the 2019-20 season, the number of teams has been increased from 25 to 32. The clubs are divided into two zones, each with 16 teams competing in a double round tournament. The teams receive three points for a win, one point for a draw and no points for a loss, ranked by total points.

The coming season consists of 5 teams promoted by Primera B Metropolitana and 2 of Torneo Federal A, as well as 4 descendants of Primera División, who are added to the 23 from the previous season.

The champion automatically moves to the highest league. Teams placed from 2nd to 9th place qualify for the "Torneo Reducido", a small double knock-out tournament. The winner of Reducido will be the second team to rise in the Primera División. On the other hand, the two teams with the worst average will descend to the lower divisions (Primera B Metropolitana or Torneo Federal A, whether the club is from the Buenos Aires metropolitan area or any other Argentine province).

Primera B Metropolitana is one of two professional leagues that form the third tier of the Argentine football league system. The division is made up of 17 clubs, mainly from the city of Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area.

Originally founded as a second division, it was after a restructuring of the system in 1985, which ended with the founding of Primera B Nacional, which has since been defined as a second division, the third stage.

The other tier three league is Torneo Federal A, which is attended by regional league teams. The Primera B Metropolitana is currently organized in such a way that every club competes against each other twice in a single match (double round), once in the home stadium and once in the opponent's stadium.

The team that scores the most points at the end of the season will be recognized as a Primera B champion and automatically promoted to Primera B Nacional. The second to fifth place teams will have the opportunity to participate in the Torneo Reducido (small tournament), the winner of which will be promoted.

The teams with the 2 lowest total points in Primera B Metropolitana descend in Primera C Metropolitana. Founded in 1899 Primera B (originally called "Segunda División") was the first second division championship in Argentine football. Some of the participating teams were youth or reserve teams from Primera División clubs. Since 1906, an ascent and descent system has been established. Porteño would be the first club that would rise according to these rules.

In 1911, the association created the "División Intermedia" as the second level of the Argentine football pyramid, which is why the Segunda División became the third division of the system. Three years later, San Lorenzo de Almagro rose after a win against Honor y Patria in the Primera División. Tournaments organized by Asociación Amateurs (AAm) have been awarded "Extra". When both associations, AAm and AFA, merged from the 1927 season in 1926, the Segunda División was set as the second and the Intermedia as the third stage.

In 1986, the Argentine Federation founded the Primera B Nacional to allow clubs across Argentina to participate in official competitions. Primera B Nacional became the second division of Argentine football, while Primera B was used as a third division and was also renamed "Primera B Metropolitana" as it was contested by teams from the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires (including Greater Buenos Aires).

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