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Andorra Primera football predictions, goalscorers, table and fixtures

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Andorra football leagues and players

The Lliga Nacional de Fútbol, ​​also known as Primera Divisió (First Division) or Campionat de Lliga, is the top football league for Andorra.

The league was founded in 1995 by the local association (Andorran Football Federation), which was founded in 1994 only a year earlier. Until then, the clubs played since 1970 an amateur league without structure and affiliation to an official institution. Following the accession of UEFA and FIFA in 1996, Andorran clubs will be able to participate in UEFA competitions. Until 2015 the league was called Lliga Grup Becier and 2016 Lliga Grup Sant Eloi. It was renamed in 2017 for sponsorship reasons in Lliga Multisegur Assegurances. All teams of the league play in the same stadiums of the federation. The same applies to all other Andorran competitions such as Copa Constitució and Supercopa.

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FC Andorra, one of the country's largest clubs based in Andorra la Vella, has never played in this league. They play in the Spanish league system because they are registered with the Royal Spanish Football Federation, but the team consists mainly of players of Andorran nationality.

The eight clubs that play in the league play twice in the same place. After the first 14 laps, the top four teams will play one competition to determine the Andorran champion (play-off per al títol), while the other four teams play to avoid relegation (play-off pel descens). The last place of the relegation round is the descent into Segona Divisió, the second highest football league in Andorra, while the penultimate classified descent is played against the runner-up of Segona Divisió. The number of teams of Primera Divisió has changed throughout the history of the league.

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